It’s easy to fool the eye

but it’s hard to fool

the heart.

Al Pacino

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Be Your
every day.

Be | Wicked

I’m an ArtIST and designer based in Aosta, Italy.


Art Director

I’ve always been fortunate in my whole life. Every day is a new challenge. New people, new stories and new inspiration.

In these past years I’ve met and worked with great people: Eiffel65, Extrema, Emis Killa, Gue Pequeno, Carnival, Bramo, Dari, Mo’Bros, Davide Tosello, We Are Cemento Armato, Leon, Noir, One Morning Left, Kg Man, Babaman, Didie Caria, Cecilia, We Are Waves, Rezophonic, Ragestorm, Pagliaccio, Eldritch, Bruce Gil, Macho Camacho, Erotic Cafe, Warez Man, Sub Sistah

Great companies: Meatbeat Studio, Stopdown, Nino3thd, Arlekart, Oscarelli Photo, Wynona Records, 3Bite, DueDiPicche, This is Core, Neapolis, Fashion’ Discoteca, Radio M**Bun, Forte di Bard, Officine Corsare, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Radio Rai VDA, Top Italia Radio, MetalHead TV, Raven KWTF Radio, Life Alignment, TurismOk, Willy Marano, BlissCo, Dance and Love, Creative Pro, Einespressobitte, Silk and Scissors, Rock n Roll Club.

the soldiers are paid to fight;

the rebels aren’t.

Michael Corleone.

Our | Services


Bring great

energy and love

to all my clients

and projects.

Abashed the devil stood and felt

how awful goodness is and saw Virtue

in her shape how lovely: and pined his loss.

John Milton

Key | Features


Lucky man.

Did I really… Did I really

say those things, last night,

in your tent?


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What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.

Max Guevara.